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Caroline Kidd Changing Lanes in the Mazda MX-5

I’ve always been in love with the automobile. I was the kid who knew every car brand and model.

But I never grew up wanting to be a motoring journalist. For sure I read all the magazines but I never thought that motoring writing was a career open to me.

Fast forward some years and I’ve just left college after studying for a Masters in Journalism. I’m very confused about what to do next with my life.

Somewhere amid the confusion of my mid-twenties I stumble upon motoring journalism, realise I might have a talent for it, and the rest as they say is history. 

Now I’m the founder and editor of Changing Lanes, one of Ireland’s best car blogs. I’ve driven more cars than I can remember (triple digits now). I’ve written hundreds of car reviews, features and news stories. I’ve been published in some leading newspapers and on influential international websites.

I’ve bumbled around the Frankfurt Motor Show and the Paris Motor Show on a press pass. I’ve travelled to the UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Germany and Greece to test drive new cars. I’ve made more than a handful of car videos. I’ve built up a loyal following of car fans across Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

I know my ABS from my ESP, and I know a good car from a bad car. The best car I ever tested was the Ford Focus RS. It just made me feel so alive.

The worst car? That’s another story…

Would you like to see where this story goes? Head over to my website Changing Lanes to keep up to date with my journey in auto.

By Caroline Kidd

Published by Caroline Kidd

Caroline Kidd, motoring journalist and creative copywriter. Founder of Changing Lanes!

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