Caroline Joins The Freestyle Sessions

This autumn I’m happy to announce that I will be joining the Freestyle Sessions Series 2 as an expert panellist.

Hosted by Gemma O’Halloran, founder and projects director of Freestyle Consulting, the Freestyle Sessions is a 15-week online, interactive programme dedicated to helping you create an authentic and compelling brand.

Series 2 will focus on building a power brand. Each session will feature a guest speaker who will focus on a particular area of branding or brand science. My session will take place on 5th November and will focus on the power of words in telling your brand story.

When building your brand, it’s crucial to have cohesive, consistent brand language to connect with customers and bring your brand to life. I will be showing our participants how to identify your authentic brand voice, develop consistent brand messaging, and communicate your brand story in words through the right channels and formats.

When you finish the session, you will have a better understanding of the value of a consistent brand voice and how to figure out the words and tone to convey your brand more clearly to your ideal customers!

Find out more about the Freestyle Sessions here.

By Caroline Kidd

Published by Caroline Kidd

Caroline Kidd, motoring journalist and creative copywriter. Founder of Changing Lanes!

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